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Space Age Titan

Much of this material is organized for easy copy and paste into the game. Currently trying to build up a good, well organized collection of the answers to the most common questions and the best advice.

There are many exellent websites and YouTube video channels. Attempting here to put the informatiomn into a form where it is easy to copy and paste into threads in the game to share with your guild.

You have permission to copy and paste any of these answers or advice to your guild or elsewhere in the game. You can change the wording. Giving credit is appreciated, but optional.

Space Age Titan

From Zaltan The Bold of world Zorskog:

I saw earlier in the week the treasury was lacking in Titan goods so I aged and with my collections I will put roughly 300 per day in the treasury. So GE 5 for what its worth will be a constant going forward!

This new Titan age has been a big suprise and I may not be at previous peak abilities for a spell, but I really welcome the new challenge. I just wanted to pass along a few thoughts for the benefit of everyone else especially those in the space ages contemplating future aging. I have to hand it to Inno they have turned this game on its nose, especially for the higher players that aged right into Titan without looking first.

Over the last 4.5 years I have been in this city red stats (attack % was king). There was a saying that if it does not attack then send it back!. The units in Titan are stronger than any age I have leveled in the past. They are also the most balanced of any age to date in my mind. There is no "one" unit that can take army after army with a host of rouges auto battling. You have to change armies as you go, a lot like OF or you will get wiped. This is going to hurt a lot of high players that focused purely on red stats over the past and like to battle to 100-150 attrition just auto battling in GBG. It will aslo cut their speeds and for those that know what scripted mouse is, this age makes that a useless item in my mind at least for now.

Level 5 GE of course you are defending as opposed to attacking, your blue stats apply to any units you put on the field, regardless of their age. Negotiations were of course bumped up tremendously.

Inno did provide 3 new Great Building to offset this but they require 2,000 of each titan good in addtion to fps to level each level, at least at the start. I doubt the requirements get lower.

All this means to really excel players need to focus on red stats (attack), blue stats (city defense), and good production. It will not impact players lower than Titan except for GE level 5 like it does those of us that aged into Titan, but as you grow you will need all three components in your cities.


While the rest of this website is just for fun, this page looks at how to play Forge of Empires.

CathyMCM used to call herself the Queen of Copy and Paste. She kept saved text handy so she had prepared answers for the most common player questions.

Much of this material is organized for easy copy and paste into the game. Currently trying to build up a good, well organized collection of the answers to the most common questions and the best advice.


CathyMCM was a player in the game Forge of Empires. For several years she ran a message thread entitled @@ Chatter with Cathy & Friends @@ on multiple game worlds.

CathyMCM had a big heart and was always helping new players.

preserving her memory

This is a last minute effort to try to preserve CathyMCM's cities. The more players who participate, the more likely we will succeed.

Please contact Inno Games and ask them to preserve CathyMCM's cities until a member of her family can take over her account. Her sister had the passsword to go into the game and inform us of Cathy's unfortunate death and we hope that eventually one of her children might take over the account in her mother's memory.

You can contact Inno Support and they will probably recite the one year rule. Ask them to please pass the request on to higher authority in the game.

Even better, contact the higher authority directly. That would be Michael Zillmer, COO and Co-founder, or Hendrik Klindworth, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, or Eike Klindworth Co-founder, Creative Director and Board Member.

Send an actual physical letter (and explain how CathyMCM effected you and why it is important to preserve her memory) to: Friesenstraße 13, 20097 Hamburg, Germany, or call +49 40 7889335-0.

If you have the ability to send a fax, send it to +49 40 7889335-200 and address it to one of the three top execuives.

You can also use the contact form at: or email, but you don't know who might see those items.

If you are a money player, please mention that, especially if you are a big money player. Money players have more influence on Inno for obvious reasons.