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While the rest of this website is just for fun, this page looks at how to play Forge of Empires.

Organization of this web page:

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CathyMCM used to call herself the Queen of Copy and Paste. She kept saved text handy so she had prepared answers for the most common player questions.

Much of this material is organized for easy copy and paste into the game. Currently trying to build up a good, well organized collection of the answers to the most common questions and the best advice.

You have permission to copy and paste any of these answers or advice to your guild or elsewhere in the game. You can change the wording. Giving credit is appreciated, but optional.

If you want to add any material to this web page, contact Outrageous Coder in game on worlds Brisgard, Cirgard, Greifental, Qunrir, Rugnir, Sinerania, Walstrand, Xyr, Zorskog, Angkor, Carthage, and Dilmun. Lookiing for volunteers to collect and forward material from other worlds.

last updated: Thursday, 24 July 2023

recent material

Space Age Titan

From Zaltan The Bold of world Zorskog:

I saw earlier in the week the treasury was lacking in Titan goods so I aged and with my collections I will put roughly 300 per day in the treasury. So GE 5 for what its worth will be a constant going forward!

This new Titan age has been a big suprise and I may not be at previous peak abilities for a spell, but I really welcome the new challenge. I just wanted to pass along a few thoughts for the benefit of everyone else especially those in the space ages contemplating future aging. I have to hand it to Inno they have turned this game on its nose, especially for the higher players that aged right into Titan without looking first.

Over the last 4.5 years I have been in this city red stats (attack % was king). There was a saying that if it does not attack then send it back!. The units in Titan are stronger than any age I have leveled in the past. They are also the most balanced of any age to date in my mind. There is no "one" unit that can take army after army with a host of rouges auto battling. You have to change armies as you go, a lot like OF or you will get wiped. This is going to hurt a lot of high players that focused purely on red stats over the past and like to battle to 100-150 attrition just auto battling in GBG. It will aslo cut their speeds and for those that know what scripted mouse is, this age makes that a useless item in my mind at least for now.

Level 5 GE of course you are defending as opposed to attacking, your blue stats apply to any units you put on the field, regardless of their age. Negotiations were of course bumped up tremendously.

Inno did provide 3 new Great Building to offset this but they require 2,000 of each titan good in addtion to fps to level each level, at least at the start. I doubt the requirements get lower.

All this means to really excel players need to focus on red stats (attack), blue stats (city defense), and good production. It will not impact players lower than Titan except for GE level 5 like it does those of us that aged into Titan, but as you grow you will need all three components in your cities.

Fellowship Special Event 2023

From Zaltan The Bold of world Zorskog:

I would add gemstones are your most limited resource. It takes “x” amount to build a city, don’t be in a hurry to go to the next campaign.

From Outrageous Coder:

You want to complete most of a city before moving on to the next city.
Also look up how many managers are required for each city and only spend the gemstones for the minimum required.

From Outrageous Coder:

Read each quest carefully.
If it states an age or two, you must do the action using the designated age (usually current age or cirrent and previous age).
Timed supply productions can usually be done by any age. Small Iron Age blacksmiths are common for this purpose.
If the decorations have no age listed, use the trees, the cheapest decoration.
Check the quest event list (available at multiple websites) and look at timed quests coming up and pre-start productions accordingly.

From Outrageous Coder:

Make sure to collect the Daily Free Gemstones!

Make sure to collect city incidents every day, because some will provide special event currency (gemstones).

Make sure to get you special event city running. There will be pointing hands the first time you open the special event up, along with written instructions in the lower right corner. Follow the instructions and click where the hand is pointing and you will get some idea of the basics.

Keep track of which city you are currently on and only pay for the manager levels that are required for that particular city. If that sounds confusing, check out MooingCat's YouTube video.

There are NO daily specials.


From Pauon Wii:

The Fellowship Event begins shortly.

1. Check today to confirm that you have a valid email account registered with InnoGames. It’s in the Settings menu. If you have one registered before the event begins, you will likely receive an email on Day 1 or 2 of the event with a link to some free gemstones. These are the “currency” that you will need in the minigame. If you play multiple worlds on the same account, you will only receive this offer in one of them, so be sure to log in where you want it.

2. You will probably also receive and offer to buy diamonds and receive “free” Gemstones. This is not usually the best deal. Despite what it says, the diamonds are not increased - it’s the regular price. I always receive at least one offer during each event to buy Diamonds with “bonus” diamonds ranging from +20% to +200%. This is a real bonus, unlike the other offer. It is more cost effective to buy diamonds this way and then use them to buy event currency. Also, event currency can only be used in the world where you received it. Diamonds can be used in any world on your account on the same server.

From Pixie Dust:

The fellowship event starts tomorrow. I would highly recommend to read and follow Mooing Cats strategies.

guide for beginners


Go to the main web page for Forge of Empires. Create an account. Women should not use their real name or anything that makes it easy for a stalker to track them down.

Inno (the company that makes Forge of Empires) will choose a region based on your IP address and then randomly assign you to one that regions’s worlds.

You can manually pick the region you play in. You need a different account for each regiion (but can use the same username in multiple regions). This is usually done to choose a region tht uses your native language. The two main English language regions are the US and International (which is England/Great Britain).

After playing through the initial tutorial, you can start on a different world and then delete the first world randomly assigned (do it in this order).

If you use a link provided by a friend, you and your friend can earn extra bonuses from your continued advancement in the game. In that case you will automatically start in the same region and world that your friend is playing in.


There is a tutorial to start the game. You have to do exactly what you are instructed to do (and are locked out of all other game features) until you finish the tutoiral.

Once you finish the mandatory tutorial, you can go to settings and turn off the music and/or the sound effects. You can adjust the volume if you decide to keep the music and/or sound effects playing.

One important feature the tutorial skips over is the message system. When you have an incoming message, it will "light up". This is a very subtle difference. You will need to respond to other players in a timely manner, especially once you join a guild.


From Outrageous Coder, paramedic the healer, PrincessofBast, and others:

Remove all decorations from your city (with a few exceptions).

Decorations absorb a full aid, the same as a large cultural building does, but only provides a small increase in happiness. That is a waste of valuable city space.

Some special event decorations have an additional benefit beyond happiness. Those can be worthwhile.

Some special event decorations are required to get the full benefit of a set of special event buildings. In that case, you need it.

If you need happiness, add a cultural building from your city’s current age. An exception during Bronze Age and the first part of Iron Age is the Memorial decoration can be critical for happiness at the beginning of the game. Delete them once you unlock Iron Age’s Triumphal Arch.

If you just plain like the looks of the decoration, it is your city, and you can make it look however you want. Losing a single city square here or there for a decoartion you really like is a fair trade — it makes you happy and the game is supposed to be fun.

During special event quests: If no age is specified, you can use any age decoration, so trees are cheap and easy, then delete them after getting credit for the quest.

incidents, daily challenge, and castle system

Once incidents appear in your city, collect them at least once per day. Note that city activity, which includes collecting and starting new productions, increase the number of available incidents.

Take a look at the daily challenge. Make a choice. See what quests you are required to do. If you can do all the quests easily, do it and collect the prize. If there is a quest too difficult, see if you can change it for free. If there is just one quest you can't complete, avoid doing any of them and save your resources for tomorrow. In general, avoid the actions on the Continent Map because you want those actions to strategic rather than random and you need to save easy Continent Map advances for the special events.

Make sure to collect on your Castle System every day.

aging up your city

As long as you avoid aging up too fast, how fast you age up depends on personal playing style.

Some players want to spend time in an age, especially if they are routinely trying to attack and plunder neighbors.

Some players want the thrill of advancement.

As long as you have the resources for the new age (especially if you are currently in the top 10-25 of your neighborhood, you can level up whenever you want to level up.

If you get too far ahead of the rest of the guild, you can start to run into problems such aas lack of easy access to goods and especially lack of easy access to BPs from higher age GBs.

fighting GBs

Once you have a high enough attacking army percentage, it can be reliable and quick.

Work on the three basic fighting Gret Buildings (GBs): Statue of Zeus, Cathedral of Aachen, and Castel del Monte and get them levelled up to at least level 10 each -- then you can easily autofight through the first level of GE and part of the second level.

As you get higher levels, more battles becone safe, fast, and easy with auto fight.

starting guild expedition

New player challenge: you can complete the first three Guild Expedition (GE) challenges by on the first round placing all coins, on the second round placing all supplies, and the final round placing the selected goods.

This strategy is a bad idea after the first three encounters, but it is a super easy way to get started in GE.

You will win prizes and help the guiild.

swap threads

Each swap has a Forge Point (FP) amount in its title.
Pick an amount you can afford to pay.
Paperclip your own Great Building (GB) to the chosen swap. This is your own GB where you want the next player to make a donation.
Open the GB directly above your own GB. If more than one player uses the swap at the same time, Inno will create an order.
Pay the required FP to the GB directly above your own.
You are guaranteed of getting your FPs back and if you get lucky and get a rewards slot, you can get bonus FPs, medals, and blue prints (BPs).
While mentioning medals, do NOT donate medals to the guild until you have unlocked all city expansions.
Medals can be used to unlock extra GE enoucounters and to purchase city victory expansions.

GB sniping

Rule of thumb on GB contributions:

if the GB is brand new, everyone is encouraged to donate at least 1 FP, even if it has already levelled.

If the GB is a swap, you have permission to pay the swap -- even if you have to level up the GB -- this is a rare exception to the rule of never level up a GB unless the player says it is ok or you are trying to get revenge on the player.

If the GB is in a 1.x thread, you have permission to pay the current highest still open position.

If a player publicly or privately says it is ok to donate to their GB, then it is ok.

You can always contact any player, in or out of the guild and express interest in making a donation. If they say yes, go for it.

I think that covers the common situations -- for all other cases, best to avoid making a donation -- and remember that politely asking is always an acceptable choice.

aid button

Take the time to click the aid button for every guildmate.

It really helps everyone in your guild.

Most players will aid you back.

If you want to keep good players on your friends list, also make sure to aid and tavern visit regularly (for the same reasons).

observatory and Arc

Everyone in Early Middle Ages or higher should try to get an Observatory into your city. It is a small building, but it donates goods to the guild treasury every day you collect without taking the goods out of your inventory.

Every player should try to get a complete set of blueprints for The Arc. For new players, this may take a while. It is the best Great Building (GB) in the game.

special event buildings

The vast majority of special event buildings that have levels require at least half the levels, if not all of them, to make them a wise use of city space.

It is best to wait to plant special event buildings until you have all or most of the levels.

Do NOT delete any special event buildings that you have in your city -- if you delete them, use lose them and get nothing back.

As you win the Store Building prize, use the Store Building to safely return your partially built special event buildings back to your inventory. You can put them back in your city when you have more levels (each year you can get levels from previous year's special events).

Governor’s Villa

A key special event building is the Governor’s Villa. A lot of players have decided to pick one complete set of levels up each summer event.

When fully levelled, it is generally considered to be one of the best combinations of free troops and attack bonus. You can collect some levels now and pick up the rest in future special events.

The Governor’s Villa gives coins and happiness (which both can be boosted when aided). It also gives population. It can be plundered if not motivated. It also gives FPs and a decent attack bonus. And it gives free troops from your current age. You do not need to have the corresponding troops building in your city.

Read this: “The Governor’s Villa may also produce military units that usually are not available to the player. For example, an Early Middle Age Governor’s Villa can produce Barbarians and Barbarian Slingers, and an Industrial Age Governor’s Villa can produce Brave Warriors and Mounted Braves.”

I think you can see why it is a popular special event building.


CathyMCM was a player in the game Forge of Empires. For several years she ran a message thread entitled @@ Chatter with Cathy & Friends @@ on multiple game worlds.

CathyMCM had a big heart and was always helping new players.

Cathy’s GB Strategy

This was provided by Phebe [Arvahall]:

she was a great great player teammate and friend

This is my suggested order of obtaining GBs as soon as you can:

LOA Lighthouse
TOR Temple of Relics
COA Cathedral of Achen
CDM Castel del Monte
SMB St. Mark's Basilica
traz Alcatraz
CF Chateau Frontenac

more good GBs

Seed Vault
AO Arctic Orangery
HC Himeji Castle
SG Star Gazer
CC Cape Canaveral
RAH Royal Albert Hall
SBC Saint Basil's Cathedral
OBS Observatory

Still more possibilities

TT Truce Tower
TA Terracotta Army
Krak Kraken
FD Frauenkirche of Dresden
LT Lotus Temple

FYI most people will delete Oracle of Delphi as soon as they have 2 or 3 other GB. The Colosseum is a colossal waste of space and most guilds won't accept a player who has one. Notre Dame is another unpopular GB.

GBG Commanders Cookbook

⚔️🎯The GBG Commanders Cookbook🎯⚔️

This ⚔️🎯The GBG Commanders Cookbook🎯⚔️ was compiled by CathyMCM. She credits the original author and includes additional materials from herself and others. Anything after the first set of info that isn't attributed to someone else is written by her. CathyMCM unfortunately died in March of 2022.

From wimbleton of Warped Reality on Q
The Commanders Cookbook
A guide to out-performance in Battlegrounds
Our duty is to; the players, the guild, and the commanders

The most valid strategy is one which maximized the returns per UNIT loss of each member. This is true of both goods, and military units. To this end we must make our goals to:
1. Create strategies which require the LEAST total attrition gain. (both by buildings, and pruning irrelevant sector control)
2. Maximize the number of encounters a single member may win with their resources. (Keep attrition low, and allow 'resets' via multiple targets... see 'reset')
3. Continuous direction. This is a difficult item, and impossible for any one commander. To offer clear, and continuous direction, our commanders must work together.
4. Resource controls & concern. The top two goals for a commander are unachievable without the support of the treasury. Therefore we must measure our spending, and always seek to reduce it, while remembering Goals 1 & 2 outweigh these concerns. Maximum effect, for minimum cost.

The highest level of performance for the guild is also beneficial to our members. The guild stands to gain in multiple areas due to high performance:
1. Prestige Ranking. The only REAL measure is the guild leaderboard, and prestige is largely affected by Battlegrounds. High placement each season is paramount to high prestige ratings.
2. Guild Level. Gaining guild power is important as it raises the guild level. Guild level adds more prestige, but also decreases the troop spawn timer (Alcatraz) and give more forge points to the guild. Note that 1 additional FP is actually 1 X 80 X 11 = 880 FP to the guild per season. This is a compound gain (imagine if its investment was in guild member observatories?!).
3. Recruiting. Higher guild levels, and higher prestige increase the guilds prowess and recruiting efforts. This makes the job easier for the members to outperform, as the player next to them is likely of higher and higher caliber.
4. The treasury. This variable is important to every class. The member, the guild, the commanders. It must be monitored, measured, and considered in every movement. The treasury directly impacts all (3) phases of the guilds operations; GvG, GE, GbG. Creating wealth in the treasury is a paramount concern.

The job of a commander is often thankless, and usually recognized more for their failure than for their success. This is true of all leaders, and must be accepted by any willing or wanting; to perform the duties. For a commander to perform at the highest level:
1. Concensus. This is of extreme importance. That commanders work towards the same goal; cannot be understated. Every tennant above this one can only be achieved at a high level, if all commanders work towards the same end.
2. Communication. There is nothing without it. Seek to communicate constantly, with commanders, members, and even outside guilds when neccessary. The pen is free - the sector costs dearly.
3. Consideration. Each movement is costing your membership something. Always consider an attack as a cost. The only free movements are mistakes performed by the enemy - they are in fact better than free; costs paid by the enemy are the same as being given more points/goods etc.
4. Encouragement. This is an item which is easy to forget. Without encouraging both the members, and one another, the grind of battlegrounds seasons will take their toll. There is an emotional quotient which must be stimulated, or else all of the intellect, energy, and focus of both the membership and other commanders, will begin to wane. Remember to pay compliments. They are free; and contribute to higher output rates from both your members, and your fellow commanders. Ignoring this item; is to encourage failure.

Negotiating (Farming)
This is the fastest strategy for a player to complete. It is the recommended path for new players, or those which are not near to completing the "fighting" path.
Negotiations are useful in both GE and in GbG, therefore it is an aceptable route for a new player in order to get them ready for 2/3rds of the guilds activities! There are (2) great buildings which need to be leveled in order to employ this strategy. One of which is the mandatory "Arc". Through all eras the great building requirements can be satisfied with only (2) Great buildings: Arc, Chateau Frontenac. It is also possible to add Lighthouse of Alexandria, and Saint Marks Basillica to this list in order to further empower the strategy - however it is not required for success.

This is the slowest strategy to complete. However, it is fast to practice, and can be fun, when a player has built up to being able to sustain it. For satisfactory results there are (4) Fighting buildings in the mid eras, as well as 2 more "helper buildings" in the higher eras. In All eras this strategy requires the Alcatraz. From IA to CA at least (4) GBs will need to be leveled in order to make consistent rewards: Cathedral of Aachen, Statue of Zeus, Castle Del Monte, and Alcatraz. From CA to TE: CoA, Zeus, CdM, Traz, Kraken, Arctic Orangery, and possibly Terracotta Army. From TE+: CoA, Zeus, CdM, Traz, Kraken, Arctic Orangery, TA. This requires a lot of forge points to make the "machine" work. Lets not forget, leveling these 'quickly' is nearly impossible without the Arc. So really, we're talking about 9 great buildings to be leveled before real rewards start being payed out! This should not discourage players from practicing it. It should instead be a realization that while this is the goal, and a very FUN way to play, we can get there FASTER by farming first, and fighting later.

Tactics for the member:
This item should be known, and understood by all. This will create forge points, diamonds, and goods that otherwise you would have missed out on. Resetting is just as important for the Fighter as it is for the Farmer! Armies which can be "autobattled" without losing a troop, are of higher value to the fighter, and thus should be sought out. For the farmer, it is difficult to acrue enough "previous era" goods in order to continue negotiations. Therefore, to the farmer, this 'reset' strategy is a MUST in order to maximize your abilities.
Before the How, come the why: more rewards speeds up your game. Its that simple. More encounters means more rewards, and more rewards means you've gained "time" in the game. More FPs means bigger great buildings, more goods equate to more attempts, or more FP, or more points. More more more. More diamonds equates to whatever you want.
Resetting:The HOW:
Choose whether to fight or negotiate; resetting fights does not reset negotiations, resetting negotiations does not reset fights.

We will describe "Negotiations" first.
1. On the target sector choose "Negotiate". Click one of the goods menus to see which goods are required. If ONLY current era goods are required, perform the negotiation and win. Loop back to step 1 (this step). If ANY "previous era" goods are required, STOP. Move to step 2.
2. Choose a target sector OTHER than the previously selected sector. If possible; choose a secondary sector listed in the GbG thread title. Click negotiate. Click one of the goods menus to see which goods are required. If ONLY current era goods are required, perform the negotiation and win. After winning, loop back to step 1 (the original sectors negotiations are reset). If ANY "previous era" goods are required, STOP. Move to step 3.
3. Choose a target sector OTHER than the original and previously selected sectors. If possible; choose a secondary sector listed in the GbG thread title. Click negotiate. Click one of the goods menus to see which goods are required. If ONLY current era goods are required, perform the negotiation and win. After winning, loop back to step 1 (the original sectors negotiations are reset). If ANY "previous era" goods are required, STOP. Repeat this step on another sector (one not selected since last resetting the original target).

Now as promised we will describe how to 'reset' for fights on a sector. Remember, resetting negotiations only resets negotiations, and resetting fights only resets fights. Performing these steps only alters the chosen path.
1. On the target sector choose "Fight". Select your army (1 Heavy and 7 rogues? Most likely?). Take note of the enemy forces: are these troops you can beat via auto-battle (with minimum losses)? If Yes. Perform the Auto-Battle and move to step 1 (this step). If you cannot auto-battle; are these troops you can beat via skipping turn? (Enter the battle, and when its your 'normal troop/non rogue troop' turn, choose "skip turn" or double click the tile the troop is on via desktop. This will skip turn, and you can now click auto-battle. If this strategy will not reduce losses satisfactorily, then STOP. Move to step 2.
2. Choose a target sector OTHER than the previously selected sector. If possible; choose a secondary sector listed in the GbG thread title. Click Fight. Select your army. Take note of the enemy forces: are these troops you can beat via auto-battle (with minimum losses)? If Yes, Perform the Auto-Battle and move to step 1. If Not, STOP. Move to Step 3.
3. Choose a target sector OTHER than the original, and previously selected sectors. If possible; choose a secondary sector listed in the GbG thread title. Click fight. Select your army. Take note of the enemy forces: are these troops you can beat via auto-battle (with minimum losses)? If Yes, Perform the Auto-Battle and move to step 1. If Not, STOP. Repeat this step on another sector (one not selected since last resetting the original target).

Tactics for Commanders:
Remember your doctrine. If you cannot use your doctrine; then it is improper doctrine. Doctrine should be flexible, and enable commanders to make decisions - whilst helping them remain in concensus strategically with the other commanders. Doctrine should be revisited, and revised, often. War changes; so must strategy - and doctrine should be altered with every new strategy.
Communicate your intentions. The more sectors, and ideas you communicate to your other commanders and members - the more minds will consider its validity. More calculation is key, and you cannot out-calculate many minds with only your own. Communicate your intentions, should they go unchallenged - or there isn't time for them to be, relay them as orders so they may be executed upon (change the thread title, post in discord, post in the messages).
Finally, never overrule another commander. Now matter how much you disagree - once it is in the traditional GbG warfare thread - it is law. Take your discussion, and disagreement to the commanders thread. There is can be discussed, and decided. There all commanders are expected to have an open mind. Do NOT challenge one another in the open, or you will risk nullifying the efforts of all.
Open Minded Discussion. Keep an open mind in your commanders thread. It is quite possible that some ideas will be the same as the enemy, others will out-maneuver the enemy, and still others will be the most correct - while not being the most punishing. The enemy has a vote, and even if you play perfectly, sometimes the best strategy is to watch the enemy kill themselves while practicing nothing yourself. To this end is why every voice is worth hearing - the more thoughts shared and heard, the more likely you have heard the voice of the enemy.

From Kesmic on S Battlegrounds has become an increasingly challenging but fun event to manage. It has given us great insight into how others guilds run and operate. It is for this reason that I write this message. Alliances are important for Battlegrounds. Joining up with the right guild or guilds allows us to secure a position for guild rewards while providing a stable environment for everyone to get personal rewards. With out an alliance, guilds get trampled on and will end up last. It is also important to understand how certain guild relations affect GvG (which is where get most of our ranking points from). That being said it is EXTREMLY important that we are only hitting designated targets on the maps. These targets can be found in either the main chat or in the BG thread. Before you enter BG please check those threads to ensure you are hitting the correct target. Also, if you are approaching the completion of a sector check again to ensure that a hold or stop as not been called. Communication is the key to success here. It is difficult to maintain alliances when players are attacking provinces in a rogue like fashion. Please understand that all of your contributions are welcome but we must work as a team!

from Souron1 The highest level of performance for the guild is also beneficial to our members. The guild stands to gain in multiple areas due to high performance: 1. Prestige Ranking. The only REAL measure is the guild leaderboard, and prestige is largely effected by Battlegrounds. High placement each season is paramount to high prestige ratings. 2. Guild Level. Gaining guild power is important as it raises the guild level. Guild level adds more prestige, but also decreases the troop spawn timer (Alcatraz) and give more forge points to the guild. Note that 1 additional FP is actually 1 X 80 X 11 = 880 FP to the guild per season. This is a compound gain (imagine if its investment was in guild member observatories?!). 3. Recruiting. Higher guild levels, and higher prestige increase the guilds prowess and recruiting efforts. This makes the job easier for the members to outperform, as the player next to them is likely of higher and higher caliber. 4. The treasury. This variable is important to every class. The member, the guild, the commanders. It must be monitored, measured, and considered in every movement. The treasury directly impacts all (3) phases of the guilds operations; GvG, GE, GbG. Creating wealth in the treasury is a paramount concern.

GBG Overview:

Each successful fight or negotiation earns you rewards: Diamonds, FPs, Troops, Statue of honor prints,
1 successful fight = 1 point
1 successful negotiation = 2 points in conquering a sector

…-Please follow the GBG current target only when fighting, it that sector has been taken, only attack a sector that has a flag. Send a message on the GBG thread if a sector has been taken.

We play in GBG because the guild rewards are just as great as the personal rewards. The guild is rewarded based on the finish.

Just have fun and please try to put in your fair share of fights and/or negotiations every day just like you do in GE. If you need help with goods/troops or prints for GBs just please post what you need. Everyone is here to help.

from Dylantis the All Seeing There’s been a lot of chatter about siege camps in GBG lately which are, unfortunately, dependent on guild treasury resources. In order to better understand and respond to the issue, I did a bit of research on how the treasury works and how we can best allocate resources for long term success as a guild. I learned a few things that I didn’t know and thought I would share my findings in case others were wondering as well.

It probably comes as no surprise that INNO has not made resource management easy or advantageous to the guilds and players. There is no easy way to reallocate resources once they have entered the guild treasury. As a guild, you can't buy goods up or down, the only way to replenish low levels of goods in the treasury is through guild member donations of the needed era. This is why many of the higher ranked fighting guilds have mandatory weekly donations for all guild members.

Another reason that resource management is so important is because all aspects of guild play (Guild Expedition, Guild vs Guild and Guild Battlegrounds) draw from the same treasury pool. Leadership has to manage that pool of goods to make sure it is not exhausted by any one aspect of the game, ie making sure that the guild does not burn through the treasury in GVG so there is nothing left for GBG or GE and vice versa.

And here again it falls back on INNO making the siege camps in GBG and laying siege in GVG more and more resource expensive the higher a guild moves up in the rankings. Being a top tier guild is of great benefit to the guild members but also, due to game mechanics, makes it exorbitantly costly to stay in that top tier.

So getting down to why, sometimes, we may not be able to fill all slots in GBG with siege camps or take that next tile in GVG. If the chance of holding a camp in GBG or a tile in GVG is slim, then it may not make sense to devote the resources, at that particular moment, waiting instead for a better opportunity that will contribute more to treasury (and guild) longevity. Because, after all, we are a guild that wants to stick around for the long term. How we do that is by focusing on sustainability of our resource pool. Watching to make sure that what goes out of the pool is not exceeding what comes in through member arc, obs, SOH and other building donations and the occasional fund raising drive.

Thank you all for understanding and please do let me know if any questions or concerns. Happy Forging! Dyl

Five to eight guilds battle each other for 11 consecutive days. Each guild starts at the edge of the battleground map with a province, which cannot be taken from them, called the headquarter (HQ). The distance between neighboring guild headquarters will be about the same. From there, the guilds can start conquering adjacent provinces. Every guild member can click on an eligible province and either perform a fight or a negotiation. These fights and negotiations will always match the era of the player who performs it.

After completing the fight or negotiation, the member will provide his guild with one or more advancement points, which will be visualized as a conquest flag on the target province. The first guild to accumulate enough advancements will gain control over the given province, whereas all other guilds that tried to conquer it as well will lose half the advancements that they have made towards that province.

Guilds can only attack provinces which are adjacent to one of their own. With each won encounter, advancement points are gained. The guild with the highest amount of advancement points in a province will have its "conquest flag" displayed in the respective province. Other guilds having advancement points in a province have their shield displayed next to the conquest flag of the leading guild. The closer the guild with the highest progress is getting to conquering the province, the higher the strength of the displayed flag will be.

When a certain amount of advancement points is reached, the province will get taken over. The amount of advancements needed depends on the league - higher leagues needing more advancement points.
League: Copper Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Advancements needed: 40 70 100 130 160

A province that was just taken will be under lock-down for four hours, giving the new owner some time to get victory points or build sector buildings. During lock-down, no guild can progress their conquest flag further in that province.
Attacking & Negotiating

Any guild member can tap on a province to bring up its window. There will be two options for earning points available there - Attack and Negotiate. Both the opposing army for attacking and the goods required for negotiation will depend on the player's age (similar to Guild Expeditions). Negotiating an encounter will bring more advancement points than attacking as more time and resources are required for it.

There is no means of directly defending the acquired provinces. The only way of defending your guild's provinces will be by trying to take the provinces of the attacking guild before they take yours. In this case, if the opposing guild loses all adjacent provinces they also lose all advancements that they have made towards your province.

Winning Battlegrounds

The leader board of a battleground gets dictated by victory points, which are automatically earned by every guild once per full hour. The amount of victory points gained depends on the provinces that a guild holds. Provinces towards the center of the battleground map provide way more points than those at the edge of the map. The player can see the rankings for their specific battleground at any time, listing all participating guilds, the number of provinces held, their current gain in victory points per hour, their current amount of victory points and the rewards of every rank.

Upon completion of each battleground, there will be a 3-days break for the guilds to rest, collect their rewards and make new preparations. The guild score will then be updated.

Victory Points

The Victory Points are particularly used to measure and count the points towards the completion of the current battleground, thus they are reset at the start of every new round. Each province, besides the HQ, that a guild holds will provide victory points every hour. The magnitude of points provided by a province increases the closer it is to the center of the map.

Provinces give a certain amount of victory points per hour and the values are randomized for every battleground and every season:

Provinces of the inner most ring (ring coordinate 1), may give between 100 and 200 Victory Points per hour.
Provinces of the second ring (ring coordinate 2), may give between 60 and 120 Victory Points per hour.
Provinces of the third ring (ring coordinate 3), may give between 40 and 80 Victory Points per hour.
Provinces of the outer most ring (ring coordinate 4) may give between 10 and 40 Victory Points per hour.


Whenever a player successfully completes a battle or a negotiation (in the context of a Guild Battleground) they will build up Attrition. This is a percentage value that directly affects the (attack and defense) boosts of the defending armies and the difficulty level of the negotiations that the player will face.

So at some point, performing attacks or negotiating will become unfeasible as the defending armies become too strong and the negotiations become too complex or too expensive. However, attrition resets to 0% each day (midnight server time).

League System

According to a guild's performance, they can climb the ladder to join the highest leagues. New guilds start off in the Copper league and can advance to Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond league. Upon introduction of the Guild Battlegrounds on a Server, all existing guilds will get assigned to a league depending on various parameters of the guild that reflect the guilds activity.

A guild's league will be shown in the global rankings and also affects the magnitude of their battleground rewards. Performing great in a battleground will increase the guilds league rating while performing poorly will move the guild down a league.

When assembling new battlegrounds the game will always pick guilds which are of the same league.

Province Buildings

Each province has up to three slots for province buildings. Each province building affects its own or adjacent provinces in a special way. For instance, they may make taking an adjacent province easier or they may make it harder for the enemies to take the province.

Any member with the "Battleground Constructor" role can access provinces of their own guild to decide which of the available province buildings they want to build. However, each province building takes time to complete and will cost Imperial Goods guild treasury goods to be constructed.

The costs depend on the building. The costs given below are the total amount of goods which is split over three random goods. The goods can be from any era represented in the guild at the start of the battleground - bronze age players hereby will be counted as iron age players. The more players are of a specific era, the more likely it is that a needed good is from that era. The respective goods and specific amounts are randomised for every building, guild, province and battleground.

The building time can be shortened by using Diamonds 50 diamonds. The same building can be build multiple times per province if the province has multiple slots for province buildings.

If a province gets taken over, each province building that was being built there has a 50% chance to be destroyed. The remaining buildings will benefit the new owner.

From Riddick27 in Soaring Eagles Guild on S Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a general announcement. I don't know if any of you have heard about the upcoming ‘Battlegrounds' feature that Inno is creating . . . . In a nutshell. According to their wiki for the new feature, it will be kind of a combination of GVG and GE. It is set up in a league system, and we will go against 8 other guilds, and it will last for 10 days. The goal will be to acquire provinces by either fighting, or negotiating (using our own goods). And if we succeed in acquiring the province, the leadership here will have the option to build a Province building. Each province has the option to build 1-3 of these buildings depending on the province size. The longer we hold the province, the more points we get. The more provinces we take, the higher the attrition for the defending army (attack and defense bonuses) in order to take control of the next province. With all of this being said, if we win the league, we get a variety of ‘prizes', if you will, including prestige points, guild power, and fragments to an all new upgradeable building that will produce guild power, treasury goods, and forge points. . . . I should also mention, the fights and negotiations, will be from your era. So for me, any fighting I do, will be against Prog troops, but nothing higher. Same with goods for negotiation. I don't know for sure if they will do what GE does as far as one age below, but the next update is on the 10th of this month. Which I believe is when they will be putting it in Beta. . . . So with the attrition, it may become difficult for anyone to take the province, due to the attack and defense % continuing to rise for the defending troops of the open province. . . . GVG is not going away, but instead, this is a feature alongside of it, that will include mobile players as well.

from GypsieAnn I'm a DL GBG General Leader in my K world. I'm not sure what the goal of the guild is or what direction we want to head too. We are only 925 LP here in DL an not in top 7-14 guilds fighting it out at 1000 LPs with5-7 guilds on a map. Which is good but it takes a great amount of treasury goods and planning to keep up the pace in top 10 having coverage 24/7, 7-days a week the entire season. We need to establish a GBG General thread for those who are in charge of calling, able to play nice and have respect towards one another as General etc. Where treasury goods stand, they will get depleted quickly Anna good cap is always having 100k of each goods. sC get expensive to build, are we going to be a trap or fortress user or rise above them since a waste if another guild or ourselves are up against them because it doesn't hurt attrition if we have. 4-5 SC (siege camps) on our tiles surrounding us cuz it doesn't kill the attrition just more rewards lol. Like I said depends on mentality of the guild. Theres many variables to which direction is best on what y'all want to do moving forward.

Vps are important. If the mentality of the guild is we focus on securing and being able to swap sectors/tiles with an alliance in a 2 to 3 guilds alliance or NAT the VPs will definitely follow. The first few days usually negotiating with other guilds leaders happens as each guild is in the process of dominating the map. However when this is in play we advance quicker. When it's a focus of farming for low attrition fights. S being a war the entire GBG just flipping sectors it's a waste of attrition and troops. If we set up with an alliance to plan swaps by getting as many rewards as possible an flipping in a checkerboard style (when possible) with another guild guarantees the rotation of A,B & C on tiers 1(middle) 2nd ring and 3rd ring leaving A-D Some 3rd rings and all 4th rings quadrants for lesser aggressive guilds to farm on an as they grow they make better alliances not enemies.

Is it always a free for all? Do we work with other guilds in GBG? What is the overall goal and direction does the guild want to pursue is what I would be interested in knowing prior to committing. That was a mouth full 🤪😉

We continue to have some instances where sectors get taken when there are stop signs on them. I think this is because we have not done a good enough job of educating the guild. Please read and then leave this message to signify that you understand. Thank you! -Our goal in GBG is to get as many low attrition fights/negations as we can for each season. We do this by partnering with another guild(s) and holding sectors for each other until we can coordinate a swap. -This is done by building Siege Camps on the sectors we control. Each camp reduces the attrition by 24%. If we have 5 Camps adjacent to a sector we have no attrition (24% x 5 = 120%) -We can then "load" a partners sector to 150/160 and HOLD it. You see this in the BG thread as (B1 🛑@150 and HOLD). Once we load a sector to 150 we put a 🚫 on it. You might see the sector move past 150 and that is because a BG leader is "walking" the sector to 158 or 159. -It is then important that we "HOLD" that sector so our BG partner can use the Camps to load an adjacent sector and "HOLD" it. - Once we have all sectors loaded we coordinate on capturing "capping" them and swap the sectors between us. The sectors remain locked for 4 hours and then we do it all over again. It's very important that no one attacks a 🚫 sector unless it has been approved by BG leadership. In addition it is important that no one attacks a sector that is not highlighted by a target symbol. If we mess up too many times our partner guild may drop us and find another partner and then it will be difficult to get as many fights or negotiations because we may be locked out of sectors. We need to work as a team in GBG and players that are Lone Wolves can mess up WR's reputation and alliances with other guilds. We understand that mistakes happen but deliberately ignoring holds and capturing sectors on your own may result in removal from the guild. We have people that use an outside FoE helper program that can notify the user if a sector is taken by someone. This is one way we police when mistakes are made. If you are interested in having a more involved role in BG send me a message. Please leave this message now so that BG leadership knows that you understand our rules. Thanks!

GBG note from another guild New members here should try to use Negotiations on the first 5 encounters. Those are Easy level attrition ones that only cost 1 good per slot. Scoring 10 points to Fighting's 5 helps the cause of taking sectors. Old hands here who are not doing this could step up their game by doing so. We do not have enough members to waste chances to score those points.

⚔️🎯The GBG Commanders Cookbook🎯⚔️

preserving her memory

This is a last minute effort to try to preserve CathyMCM's cities. The more players who participate, the more likely we will succeed.

Please contact Inno Games and ask them to preserve CathyMCM's cities until a member of her family can take over her account. Her sister had the passsword to go into the game and inform us of Cathy's unfortunate death and we hope that eventually one of her children might take over the account in her mother's memory.

You can contact Inno Support and they will probably recite the one year rule. Ask them to please pass the request on to higher authority in the game.

Even better, contact the higher authority directly. That would be Michael Zillmer, COO and Co-founder, or Hendrik Klindworth, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, or Eike Klindworth Co-founder, Creative Director and Board Member.

Send an actual physical letter (and explain how CathyMCM effected you and why it is important to preserve her memory) to: Friesenstraße 13, 20097 Hamburg, Germany, or call +49 40 7889335-0.

If you have the ability to send a fax, send it to +49 40 7889335-200 and address it to one of the three top execuives.

You can also use the contact form at: or email, but you don't know who might see those items.

If you are a money player, please mention that, especially if you are a big money player. Money players have more influence on Inno for obvious reasons.

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